The K&R Story

Pioneers of the Industry

In 1970, BD Holt Caterpillar decided to get into the Natural Gas Engine/Compressor business. Few had ever heard of a natural gas fueled Caterpillar but an Engineer, a salesman & a draftsman were looking for someone willing to learn, build & work on Cat powered gas compressors driving a Chicago Pneumatic frame. The engineer approached a kid named David Skoruppa who told them he would try it, with the condition that if it didn't work he could go back to diesels. Through the first years they mile stoned numerous things: The first natural gas school in Peoria, IL., set the first EII Cat Natural Gas Powered Compressor a G333NA68D driving a TB11CP, set the first 16 cylinder engine driven compressor, a G399TA49C two stage unit in Freeport, Texas.

The Early Years

In 1974 David went to work for Texas Oil & Gas as a compressor maintenance foreman for Mr. Lou Little, VP-TXO. His role over saw compression for South Texas, his duties included maintenance, design, purchasing, field clearance, unit reconfigurations, and repowered everything from gas fired turbines to internal combustion engines. David even helped a friend and roll model, Mike O’Conner who designed the MO26 Gemini. After 18 years, Texas Oil & Gas was sold in pieces and the prospect of relocation was very high. With his two sons, Ken and Rick, in college at Texas A&I and Del Mar, and the idea of having to leave the homestead, David decided to stay put. Ken Skoruppa was going to school in Kingsville, TX and working part time for two compressor rental & maintenance companies. Rick Skoruppa was going to school in Corpus Christi, TX and working for an ASME Coded Pressure Vessel manufacturer. Ken and Rick also did some repairs and modifications to IO Jet boats on the side.

K&R is Formed

In 1990 Ken and Rick began to start calling themselves the K&R Company. Ken decided he would go on his own, doing repairs and maintenance for a small producer south of Robstown, TX the Marque Corporation. The cast was set, Ken had picked up a little more business nearby from Kamlock Oil & Gas. Ken learned in this business that when your customers’ need your services, you have to be there and one person can stampede but he can't scatter, more man power was needed. David joined Ken forming K&R Complete Compressor Services, Inc. and as business began to grow, Rick joined his own namesake business. The father and sons purchased a couple of used compressors, repackaged them and set them as their first rental units.

The Family Grows

Scott Gray, a fellow Texas Oil & Gas employee joined the ranks at K&R Co as the company spread its services all over south Texas. As the group picked up more equipment to revamp and overhaul, the rental fleet grew and K&R Energy Inc was formed. Then came pumps and pumping unit engines, "Used/New" parts which brought on the formation of Nueces Components Inc. (NCI). Next came the shop, built on 20 acres in semi-rural Nueces County, Texas. K&R Energy Inc. purchased several Sertco trailer mounted compressors to be added to the rental fleet and as the demand grew, K&R Co. began purchasing the components and packaging the units for other compressor rental companies. With K&R's work load growing and a need for more space, a fabrication shop was added on the 20 acres. This shop now overhauls, refurbishes and repowers a whole range of Caterpillar compressor packages (3600, 3500, 3400, and 3306) driving 2 & 4 throw Ariel compressors in addition to the retrofit of Waukesha & White driven compressor units.

The New K&R

K&R Companies has continuously served the South Texas area and as far away as Mobile, AL for the last 25 years. We have and will always do our best to provide the highest possible level of service to our customers. With this in mind, the opportunity presented itself to expand our service abilities to our existing customer base and a new customer base. With full regard for our reputation, our employees and our existing clients, new team members were added on March 4, 2016. The additional leadership provided the four K&R companies’ with new abilities and a wider spectrum of expertise and funding, thus forming one entity, K&R Operating LLC.

As always, your trust in the K&R family is a key ingredient to our success. We believe we have brought onboard and will continue to bring on the best in their fields. There was a time in the past that David, Ken and Rick Skoruppa could stampede but couldn't scatter, we will still stampede when and where you need us to, but now we can scatter too!