Oil Belt Little League Baseball Park opened as as a privately owned league in 1958 in what is now Northwest Corpus Christi Texas ( then 2 streets – the rest brush). The Ballpark/League is-owned & operated by the families that play there)

We have employees & family members that have been associated with this league from 1960 to date

This is an old plywood sponsorship sign that held it’s place on the left field fence for 15 years (long after others and our new ones have gone to vinyl)

This sign was recently taken down but not discarded but rather moved to a spot on the side of the equipment room near the main concession stand and in view of three large bleachers (only sign ever saved)

Today 709 kids play ball at Oil Belt on 6 fields

Since the sign went up 15 years ago, Oil Belt has produced Several STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS;  (1) NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP; (1) SECOND IN THE NATION TITLE; (1) SECOND IN THE WORLD & (1) THIRD IN THE WORLD TITLES and numerous District.,  Regional & Sectional titles

The K&R family has been a big part of all this

Oil Belt is showing it’s appreciation by this gesture

NOTICE the State of TEXAS red outline on the sign has faded away and the lower right number is a pager # but the K&R Family Pride marches on